Friday, May 11, 2007

May update-

Dear prayer warriors!

Let’s see…. A lot has happened these last few weeks. I’ve purchased my tickets and the rest of my text books. I got to speak in front of my Church, Calvary Chapel Mesquite and tell all the ‘Family’ what I’m up to… It was great… but I guess I sounded a bit nervous! Oh well!!! I’ve had wonderful people step forward wanting to be a part of my prayer team. That’s You!!! If you are reading this!!! I’m thrilled to have you on my side in this battle!!! I’ve had two people step up to help with logistics and another handful of warm hearted souls interested in encouragement and communications support! I feel so blessed and loved on!!! Knowing you stand with me is so very exciting!!!

Some have requested updates but cannot be praying for me daily/weekly. So I will be sending out two types of newsletters. If you only want monthly updates just let me know. The rest of you will hear from me a bit more often. Also I got to pick the brain of a recently returned missionary from the Philippines. He is lending me a book on understanding the culture and may even be buying my car from me.

Things you can be praying for now: - That I sell my car - That I can buy a fetal Doppler at a discount - Putting together a proper blog - To find a home for my cats - For my finances to come together - That I’m able to pack up my belongings Ways to Help: If you like to sew I need scrubs made. If you know design programs, I need help designing a Prayer Card.

Needs/Wish List: If anyone has any of these items I could use… Solid Luggage set Watch with a second hand (preferably one that will be able to pin on my smock jacket) Digital Thermometers Scrubs Feteoscope Retractable tape measure