Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Parting for Portland!!!

Dear Prayer Warriors!

Much has happened these last few weeks! So, I’ll try to be brief…What have I been up to? I’ve condensed a house full of “life” into 2 ½ bags! They are HEAVY mind you, but not much heavier than my heart at saying goodbye! (Sniff… Sniff…)  

The Going Away Party was a huge success! For those of you who weren’t able to make it… I have posted some fun pictures of it for you to enjoy. I’d guess at least 60 people came and ate, swam and said goodbye! It was a bitter-sweet joy! Thanks for making it so special!
Chicago is… my kind of town… Chicago is…. MY KIND OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent the last few days in Chicago visiting family. They have given me a much needed vacation from everyday packing and preparations. Frankly, they spoiled me rotten! I loved every minute of it! While I was there, we saw, “Wicked”, ate great food and laughed tons!  

Orientation for the Orient! My first stop on the ORIENT EXPRESS will be Portland. I arrive Friday, August 31st for 4 days of orientation where I will be meeting many of my classmates to bond then to fly ‘en masse’ to Davao. I’m grateful I have travel mates to the Philippines. It makes the journey less frightening having comrades to (commiserate) commute with … (he he he!)  

Fly me to the moon… or Davao City (will do!) At this point, I think the moon might be closer! Come September 5th I head out with the other KA-WA-ZEE (Crazy) KOOKS to Destination Davao! We will start in Portland, fly north to Seattle, head west to Taipei, then hop over to Manila… then finally land in Davao City 4 PLANES AND 3 DAYS LATER! Pray for us!!!!  

Newlife Perspective: It’s at the start and the end of a new path that gets me thinking. Before embarking on a path, I tend to over think the ‘what ifs’ and long after the good ‘ol days. I have no idea where this path will take me! But God has told me, “Go!’. So, I will go! But, I’m not going alone. All of you are coming with me. So grab your sandals and let’s boogie… we’ve got a NewLife to discover! Archipelago Ho!

Love and Blessing,