Monday, November 14, 2016

Asher's Birth

A few weeks back I had the joy of helping some friends welcome their third child (and first boy!) into the world. Since the clinic was not open yet (more paperwork delays) and they were open to the possibility, we decided to have a homebirth!

The best part about it was how active and helpful the father-to-be was through it all. He helped labor watch, massaged her back, brought her water, encouraged her throughout.

It was a challenging birth and from the beginning showed possible indications for transport. However, this couple was prayerful and expectant. Together we were able to watch God move on our behalf!

The joy in the room when Asher made his first cry was tremendous! The praises and prayers that filled the room still fill my heart.

Praise God with me for such a lovely memory and wonderful promise of good things to come!

Short-Term Missions 2016

Amy Brewer from Texas
This year God has blessed us with some amazing short-term visitors. As I look back, I see such extraordinary people that God called to work alongside us.

In February, a loving nurse named Amy joined us. She is American and came for three months. She served faithfully in the clinic, helping with the day to day running of the clinic. Her help and impact on the patients cannot be understated. She was a blessing and I’m thankful she was able to come.

Gerrit and Herma from the Netherlands
In April, a couple named Gerrit and Herma came out do a vision tour of the work at the clinic and at Maforga as a whole. They run a wonderful ministry called Follow Ministries which serves to equip and encourage medical charity ministries such as ours. We had an amazing time getting to know each other and planned how and when they would return with a larger missions team later in the year.

Marilize Jordaan from S. Africa
In July, a sweet friend named Marilize joined us for several weeks. She was hoping to help with the clinic but by that time we had already temporarily closed. So instead we spent our time preparing the clinic for re-opening, chasing down paperwork, cleaning, organizing, and learning the guitar. She was a joy to have and came at such an important time for us, encouraging us in the work. I cannot wait to have her back!

In August, my nephew from the States came for several weeks. His name is Luis and is studying to be a physical therapist. Originally he hoped to help out with the clinic but again things were stalled in the re-opening of the clinic. So instead he became my personal assistant making even the smallest of tasks easier. I loved having him here and hope he can return.

Luis Hafen-Lopez from Texas
In September, a construction crew of two joined us for several weeks. Rudy and Dave are from Calvary Chapel Johannesburg. They brought us so many blessings, but the biggest blessings were the repairs they did on the clinic. They helped solve our leaky roof issues and exercised the electrical demons in the clinic. The most amazing of course what the fact they were able to give us running water at the clinic for the first time in a year and a half. What a blessing they were!
Dave and Rudy from South Africa

In October, a Dutch construction team came through and did a whirlwind of building and fixing, teaching and loving! These eleven men and women had such a beautiful impact on us. It was so hard putting them back on the plane. I seriously wanted them all to stay. I look forward to when they can return!

Look for a blog post about them in the near future.

Furlough Season

 I have much to praise the Lord for this year and much to apologize to you all for in not sharing it sooner. I didn’t understand then --and I’m still trying to fully understand now-- what was going on in the spiritual realm concerning this ministry (and my life in general) to be in so much chaos.

Believe me when I say this year has been a strange one.

Despite all the odd twists and turns my path has taken me, the Lord has walked beside me all of the way, supernaturally protecting me when I tried to run headlong into briars and pits.

I have learned so much and am finally thankful for this potholed, muddy, disaster of a road. For not only was God with me but he also sent me encouragers (so I wouldn’t turn back), prophets (so I would be warned what lay ahead), and companions (so I wouldn’t lose heart). Lord, thank you!

Now this odd road is leading me back to the States on furlough. It has been two years since I have been able to return. It feels longer though and I miss you all very much.

I don’t have a rigid itinerary right now. But I do plan on spending time with family first, then doing some intense missions training/debriefing. After that, I hope to travel and catch up with you (i.e. you super-cool, awesome people).

However, as I travel to see family I am reminded of how many of you live near them and wanted to reach out to you for a visit as well. So below is a loose outline of where I’ll be and when. If you live near any of these locations and would like to catch up, please message me so we can set something up.


  • Nov 21 - 28: I’ll be in Dallas, TX. I’m spending Thanksgiving with friends and family but have time to catch up for coffee/lunch if any of you are free.
  • Nov 29 - Dec 2: I’ll be in Milwaukee, WI. I’m visiting family but hope friends in the area can reach out for a hug.

  • Dec 3rd onward: I’ll start my journey in Colorado (mostly Durango area), then travel south on I-15 through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, etc. Eventually I’ll head north to Northern California and possibly Oregon as well. I have TONS of friends and family to see along the way. Please let me know if you want me to drop in for a hug, coffee, or... or you know a hug. 

  • Jan 2 - 6: Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in Murrietta Springs, CA. For those who are in Southern California and want to catch up, I’d be thrilled to spend time with you and ask that you come see me during missions week!
  • Jan 8 - 13: Missions Training International seminar in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve been trying to get into this debriefing program for years but it never worked out until now. If you live in the area and want to catch up, please let me know so I can make appropriate travel arrangements. I’d love to spend time with you.
  • Rest of January: I’ll be bouncing around from church to church in Las Vegas and Mesquite, NV. I also hope to speak at churches in Southern Utah region and Phoenix, AZ area. As the time gets a bit closer, I’ll try and send out a calendar so people can join in on speaking dates and fellowship meetings.

January - February
  • I’m available for 6 weeks to speak at churches, home fellowships, youth groups, and Sunday school meetings. I don’t have exact dates yet of where I’ll be sharing but hope to arrange it soon so those of you in these areas can come and hang out.

How you can help:

  • If you would like to host a fellowship potluck, please let me know. It’s a wonderful way to catch up and meet new friends.
  • If you know of anyone who has a car I can use for 2 months (January and February) in the Utah-Nevada-Arizona area starting January 1st, 2017 please let me know.
  • As you can see, I’ll be traveling a lot. Please pray for supernatural rest in the midst of this busy-than-normal season of ministry.

I cannot wait to see you all! I’m so excited and grateful for this furlough season. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know you want to spend time together!