Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kent ~ Baby # 18

Meet Faith and baby Kent! This young girl is only 16 years old. She just turned 16 years old a few weeks ago. She was endorsed to me at 3-4 cm and was only interested in sitting down on a bench and rubbing her belly. I asked her to do exercises- stair climbing and walking around. She kept thinking the pain was as bad as it was going to get. Instead, it kept getting worse. She would start losing control and freaking out, then with a word and eye contact she calmed down instantly.

When it came time to push, she kept asking permission to push and I told her to wait. Eventually, she no longer asked if she could push, she just did it. She pushed for about an hour and toward the end Kent's heart tones were dropping. She watched her baby's head crowning with a mirror and was very excited about it. She pushed several times that way. As his head was crowning, there was a lot of resistance and I literally watched his head turn blue (cyanotic) while waiting to be born. We asked her to push through the pain and he was born. Kent's first APGAR score was 5, so we suctioned and gave oxygen and he pinked right up. His second one was 8.

Faith cried for joy after her son was born.