Monday, February 16, 2009

~ A surprise ending ~

Mai-Mai came into the clinic moving slowly. She had a strange, wild look in her eyes and she keep repeating over and over again in a low whisper, "My baby is coming! My baby is coming! .... My baby is coming!" Together we walked to the bed where she started pushing immediately. Within minutes, a little patch of dark black hair poked through. A push or two more and little Jonred joined us on this side of the uterus. It was a slow, sweet birth .... truly beautiful. Then... we all sat back and enjoyed this little crying, slimy boy a bit while we waited for the placenta. When it came time for the placenta, she pushed once, twice... there were no signs of placental separation; no bleeding. There was just a bit of cord lengthening. So I waited. Then as I looked down to see her push for the third time I was startled to find myself COVERED in her blood! Her placenta hung most of the way out but her blood was everywhere... mainly all over me! The best part was the reaction of everyone in the room! My assist, supervisor and the father of the child all recoiled in unison! Together they all made the same sound of disgusted 'uuugggggggghhhhh!!!!' I was covered from neck to thigh in almost 100 cc of blood! Then we laughed and I made a B-line for the shower! I should have taken a picture... :- )