Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have a girl coming for prenatals who has a fundal height of 21 cm at 30 weeks due to pregnancy induced hypertension (or possibly pre-eclampsia). Her belly has not grown since October when her blood pressure skyrocketed (as if overnight) to 185/130. (Previous it was in the 110/80 range.) Early December, we started her on BP meds but I guess she didn’t understand she had to stay on them permanently for them to be effective and didn’t return until yesterday.

Her fundal height and blood pressure combined, had me ready to refer her to Wau on the spot. But conferring with Dr. Tom, he pointed out the obvious. What could they do for her there that we cannot?

My brain stuttered as I realized how right he was. If she went to Wau, she would pay for all her meds, incur a huge bill and still deliver a small baby. Yes, she is at risk for convulsions and stroke, but we are aware of that. What’s more, God is aware of that! 

Quick! Somebody stop me from worrying like this all the time! S*i*g*h.

Pray for her please. She promises to come for weekly check-ups and to take her meds, and I promise to keep you posted.