Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching Up!

In my efforts to catch everyone up on the last few months--yet somehow not bore you with the minutia of my life-- let me just say, this summer has been busy!

When I landed that first day in Pennsylvania --exhausted yet thrilled to be attending my first Midwifery Today conference-- it felt a bit like a dream.

There I was at 2:30 am, trying not to wake my room-mates with my rustling, but no longer able to sleep. The jet lag was still at full force. The desk clerk in the lobby was kind enough to fill me with high-octane coffee while I grappled with the never ending changes about me.

Plush carpets, down comforters, and a neurotically stubborn room-mate who insisted that 79 degrees was WAY too hot to bare, made for a cold (but remarkably comfortable) first week back in the States.

The Midwifery conference classes were insightful --as most were taught by highly skilled midwives and doctors around the globe. I relished the joy of being around other birth-geeks and frankly was on cloud nine.

But like all good things must do, the conference ended. And I returned to the great state of Nevada to be with my church family again.

Time flew by in a blur of hugs, kisses, and manic catching-up time. There was two years worth of chatting to do in a little less than two weeks!

What a blessing to be loved on so well by so many! I absolutely LOVE my church!

However, there is good reason that furlough is referred to as whir-lough by most missionaries. Tornadoes would cause less emotional havoc! (Okay... maybe not. But it’s got to be close!)

After Nevada, my travels took me far --farther than I expected.

In the last few months, I road-tripped out to central and southern California; I rushed off to Utah for a wedding; I trekked to New Mexico to catch up with old friends and make new ones; I flew off to Washington state to soak up some much needed time with friends (but missed out on seeing several others); And then, just as I finished my time in Washington and was planning on another road trip through Oregon, California, and Idaho... my tooth decided to take my mouth hostage by inflicting massive amounts of pain and torture.

I had to capitulate.

This sent me on an emergency visit to Mexico (as I was not about to pay $3000.00 dollars for a root canal in the States!). 

While I was there God moved in so many wonderful ways. My tooth was fixed in record time (and at a fraction of the price), my Mexican citizenship paperwork finally came through, and my Mexican family had a delightful reunion. I was able to see so many people that I haven’t seen in ages... all at the same time!

What a blessing!

Plus, my mother and her husband are church planting in Mexico (in her home town). It was such a beautiful blessing to see how God has built His church over the last few years.

I’m in awe. Truly.

After my stay at my mom’s, God sent me even more south to Oaxaca, Mexico to meet missionary friends working among the indigenes tribes in the mountains and at a birthing clinic in the city.

However the 36 hour bus ride there (coupled with my previous 2 month mad-furlough-dash) left me fried. I needed time to sit and pray and that is exactly what they gave me! I spent the first week resting, praying, eating, and hiding out in a mountain top retreat next to a lake.

What a tremendous blessing!

By the second week, I felt new again so I joined my missionary friends in doing ministry stuff (teaching midwifery classes, assisting at the birthing clinic, and teaching emergency birthing classes in the mountains). My hosts were delightful --to say the least! And I thoroughly fell in love with Oaxaca (pronounced: WA-hock-A for those who (like me) are unfamiliar with the word).

(Plus, I have many funny Mexican stories to tell... those will come shortly.)

Now I’m back in Vegas, preparing to head out to Mozambique in less than two weeks. Each day, I’m more excited about this opportunity than the one before. I do not know yet what God might have me do next... but I am confident that it will be great --for our God is GREAT!

  • Please be in prayer with me as I prepare for Mozambique and my upcoming travels (they are long, extended, and a bit hectic).
  • Pray for closed doors if I’m not to walk through them (for I’m too stupid to know otherwise!).
  • Pray for favor with the government and missionary staff in Mozambique (if I’m to start a work there). 
  • I only want to know His will --pray that this season of silence would end.

To hear is to obey.

“And Jehovah came, and stood, and called as at the other times, Samuel, Samuel! And Samuel said, Speak, for thy servant hears” ~ 1 Sam 3:10 NKJV

Oh that I might be like Samuel, “Speak Lord for your servant hears”!

Did you know that the word ‘hears’ in this passage is ‘Qal’ and is an active participle of the verb. It can be translated; to hear, listen to, or obey.

Are you actively hearing, listening, and obeying? I hope so. It is my prayer. May it be yours as well.