Friday, April 26, 2013

Spinning Plates. Juggling Chainsaws.

My last month --despite every possible precaution against it-- has been a blur of spinning plates and juggling chainsaws.

Okay. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. Please note...the chainsaws were not running at the time.

“What does a month of spinning plates and juggling chainsaws look like?” you ask.

Great question. 

Let’s see... when I got back from Haiti, I hit the ground running.

The winners of the MGC!
Early the next morning, the Second Annual Missionary Golf Cup was underway in Mesquite. This fundraiser drew out twenty-eight golf and missions enthusiasts to hit balls and support the work in Moz. We were able to raise quite a lot.
    --Thank you for all those who attended.

The following day was Easter --a delightful and most incredible time of remembrance. At church, we celebrated with a fish fry and potluck.
    -- Yum!

Afterward I spent a week and a half hosting and being hosted as I entertained a dear missionary friend and then caught up with my family in Chicago.

Yep. You read that right. I spent a weekend in Shy-Town hoping that my sister would deliver the bambinos in her belly.

Yep. Bambinos. She was expecting twins!

My newest niece and nephew!
But alas, she did not deliver while I was there despite our natural induction attempts and lots of prayer. Nevertheless, it was great to be there during this exciting time.

(I’m happy to announce that she delivered the following week to our family’s delight. Welcome babies T and E. I sure do love you and can’t wait to meet you.)

The day I got back, I spoke at Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa in Las Vegas. Although I was invited to speak, it was God who did all the speaking... to me.

What a wonderful whirlwind of emotion and clear anointing. What a blessing being a part of such a move of His Spirit! But more than anything, I just flat out needed that fresh touch from the Lord... as I was starting to wane.

“Then what?” you ask. 

Well... that’s when the plate spinning got a little faster, and more chainsaws hit the skies.

Bright and early the next morning, the Simply the Story workshop began.

STS leaders before the workshop.
This workshop took a week and a half of my life. Twelve hour days, stacked end to end for eight days straight left me blessed, but also very spent. It took another two days to recover.
    ---But WOW was it worth it!

When we started, I had no idea the joys and spiritual blessings God had in store.
   --What a ride! What an exhausting but thrilling ride!

At that point, I had just three days to say goodbye to all (aka: attend a funeral, a wedding, and a going-away party) and re-pack my bags.

Packing was easy compared to all the goodbyes.

Never before have I wept so much at my going. Never before have I longed so much to cling to those that stayed.
    --Truly, I love you all so very much!

And that is how my month was spent.

To those who prayed, Thank You! Believe me when I tell you I felt your prayers and so desperately needed them.

Moreover, I’m happy to announce that no chainsaws were destroyed in the making of this month... and only a few plates hit the ground.