Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A week of so back I had the privilege of going to one of the neighboring townships (aka: slums) to visit a Christian daycare run by lovely pastors --David and Fortuna.

This township is called Zandspruit which means Sandspring in Afrikaans.

My tour guide for the morning was Mickie, a Calvary Chapel missionary who has been working with CC Johannesburg for the last two years.

Mickie w/ Pastors David & Fortuna
Although my time there was short, the energy and joy of the place was quite overwhelming.

Kids that would otherwise not have a place to go during the day are instead loved on and given a safe place to grow up.

But more than that... they hear about Jesus.

Now that's something I can get excited about!

Below are a number of pictures I took of that day.


Victory Christian Church provides the daycare for Zandspruit.

Kids on recess, later they went inside to learn.

The kids loved having their picture taken by Mickie!

Studying the world outside... This one didn't realize I was watching.

The grounds are colorful and interactive for the kids.

Inside the older kids classroom after recess. What a hoot!

These smiles are going to stop hearts one day.... and soon!
Thanks Mickie for allowing me to join you on this special day. It opened my eyes to many of the needs in this area. For sure!