Saturday, December 28, 2013

Maforga Christmas Play

Christmas is quite the tradition here at Maforga! Each year a Christmas play is written and produced by someone new... and this year Jose, one of the older orphans, chose to do it. (You can see Jose holding the papers behind the red chair in the photo above. He was narrator to this year's play.)

Above you see the angels singing before the creation of the world, then there was the story of Adam and Eve's fall in the garden... and how sin entered the world.

 Afterwards, Isaiah (as seen in blue above) prophesied of the coming Messiah.

Then the story of Mary's visit from Gabriel, the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, and Jesus' birth! When He was born (someone handed our youngest orphan, Abraham, through the back of the curtain and a huge cheer rippled through the spectators. So fun!)

Then Joseph and Mary presented Jesus in the temple. Aren't they adorable? During this dedication of Jesus, they hear the prophesies and worship of Simeon and Anna in the temple. (Don't mind the fact this is out of order. :- )

Next the shepherds come to worship and they do so to rap music and break dancing! Oh, how I love watching little boys flip through the air and do robot jerks! Too fun!

 After the shepherds worship and the angles sing (above), Jesus is visited by another group. Yep... the Star(s) of Bethlehem (below).

 As the stars entered the scene, they twirled and danced in a shining line... much like a streak.

 Following the stars were three very lavishly dressed Wise Men holding telescopes to their eyes.

 First the Wise Men go to the King in Jerusalem. Then they head to Bethlehem and offer the gifts to Jesus and this parents... who then run off to Egypt to flee the coming massacre.

Once safely away, the whole production came to dance and dance... and dance some more in celebration of the Lowly King's birth!

This year.... baby Abraham played Jesus. Surprisingly, he slept through it all. All the cheers. All the dancing. All the waving him about. It was so fun to see him so clueless... and so peaceful! 

 The next day, for Christmas, we all (meaning staff, over 100 orphans, and various friends) gathered to celebrate the day with a huge feast, futbol, and more dancing at Maforga's annual "Maforga's Got Talent" show.
 Futbol galore!
 For the talent show we had poetry reading, dancing, and more dancing! So fun!

 We also started dinner (like most African feasts) with dessert first! Ha ha! Yummy!

Some of the missionary kids growing up at the orphanage. 
Many of the orphans enjoying Christmas dinner. Wow was the roasted lamb good!

I pray all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Love from all of us at Maforga!