Friday, June 29, 2007

The Crunch is on!

Dear Prayer warriors,  

June has almost come and gone! And as August approaches the crunch is on! A lot has happened since last I wrote! And much is yet to be done!

I have been blessed with a suitcase, a number of scrubs, two feteoscopes and I got the fetal Doppler at ¼ of the regular price! Thank you so much for praying! I’ve been approved and will be working with Shepherd’s Staff- a missionary facilitating organization! They will be handling all my finances for me while I’m away. Praise God I’ve been able to earn all the money needed for my two years of tuition at Newlife International School of Midwifery! 

However, my monthly living expenses still need to be covered. Many of you have expressed interest in supporting me financially and have asked how you can help. Now I finally have answers to your questions. There are a few one-time start up costs such as plane tickets, visas and exam fees. Then there are on-going monthly expenses which include health insurance and personal spending money. All in all, this equates to a monthly budget of $900.00 dollars. At first this seemed a bit daunting, but I’m confident that God is going to provide for all of my needs! And in the process, increase my faith! Please pray that this too would fall into His perfect will!! If you’d like to be a part of my support team, please contact me and I will give you details on how to donate. Or you can send your support directly to: Shepherd’s Staff Po. Box 27220, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7220  

Things you can be praying for now: What to do with my car and my cat. (One cat has disappeared… An answer to prayer but not what I was hoping for… ) Also that i'm able to tie up all the loose ends before i go. I'd like to see my family too. Pray that I'll be able to spend some time with them before I go. Also save a Few dates!!!! Prayer Potluck: July 21st at Rick and Marie’s house we’ll be praying as a team, getting to know one another and chowing down! Starts at 6pm! Going Away Party: Sunday August 19th we will be having a Church BBQ/going away party at the Oasis Golf Course pool from 12-4pm. Come eat, swim and say goodbye!