Saturday, October 27, 2007

EASY ... AS... ONE... TWO... THREE...

Birth story to remember.... don't let them tell you that it's always hard work!

A night or so back, i was working the night shift. That shift starts at 10pm and finishes at 6am. There was NO ONE in the clinic. No labors. No postpartum mama's with their precious babes. No one but three tired midwives (and one want-to-be midwife in training... aka: Me :-)

I am now assisting, so I was a bit disappointed that it was a 'dead shift'. But i was glad for the sleep we were all going to get. We turned out the lights... or achumm... shall we say..... "started conserving energy" and turned in to get some sleep.

At 3:30 am a 'Buntis' walks in. She is a sweet younger mother and this is to be her second child. She also happens to be the patient of one of the midwives on shift. As we are checking her in we ask her what time the contractions started. She said 2 o'clock. We ask her... 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon? She says 'no, 2 o'clock this morning!'

By this time, she is holding her belly and acting like the contractions really hurt. But labor just started an hour and a half ago! How far along could she really be? :-)
On top of that she is not responding well to our questions. We have to ask them over and over again to get a response. I'm confused but hey... who am I to say it doesn't hurt?

So we get her washed up, checked in and on a bed Either she is in transition or she is not handling labor well. I figured it had to be the later. Come on! she has only been in labor an hour and a half!

So the midwife on duty did an internal exam and wouldn't you know it she was FULLY DILATED! We quickly got her husband washed and in the room and she started pushing! Shortly after, her waters broke and 6 minutes later her baby was singing 'Hello'! :-)

The baby was born at 4:25 am. So all in all, she had that baby in 2 hrs and 25 minutes!
There is hope for me after all!!!! :-)
Plus I learned a valuable lesson... transition can happen faster than you may think! :-) And labors aren't always long and drawn out!