Monday, October 22, 2007

Outland Adventure

This picture dates back a few weeks when a group of this year's students and a few of last year's got to spend the day doing team building activities! We tied ourselves in knots and tried to untangle. We balanced on logs, fell back into the arms of our team mates, tight rope walked and climbed vertical jungle gyms... not to mention we took a LONG ride on a zip line!

But that wasn't all.... we climbed logs and scaled walls! (I even had to do this last one blind folded. :-) By the end of the day... I was exhausted but exhilarated! (okay... mainly exhausted!)

It was a great time watching everyone's reactions to all the heights and falling! It was very interesting seeing how I responded to the stress and being part of a team!

It was very revealing! What I determined is that.... a midwife needs to have a strong leadership personality! And for the most part! All of us have these characteristics in abundance! :- )