Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby # 22 Dhionne Kate

This is my continuity. She started texting me about 1am while I was working night shift. She was showing signs of early labor and I told her to stay at home until she was further along but she came anyway. It was a stormy night and she came in dripping wet and still in early labor. But she was far enough along, so I let her stay. It was going to be a long day is all I could think. We both needed sleep but she said she couldn't sleep... so I wasn't going to get any either! :- )

She labored fairly well but because she refused to rest the night before, was exhausted when it came time to push. I had to insert an IV. She tried to push too soon as well which made her cervix swell. She breathed through contractions but ultimately my supervisor chose to push her anterior lip back. Little Dhionne Kate was born 40 minutes later. All in all, she was at the clinic for over 12 hours. But looking back on it, i'm glad that i got to walk through it with her.