Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mary Angelie~ an Answer to prayer!

This beautiful woman came in to the clinic very calm, relaxed with irregular contractions. It was tricky trying to guess how far along she was. But when i did an IE she was 7 cm, +1 station, 80% effaced. She labored well and an hour later had SROM. 15 mins later she asked to push and then 9 minutes after that, little Mary Angelie was born!

This is her first baby so only pushing for 9 mins is pretty fantastic!

The first part of the story..... I found out later on that Mary Joy and Orlando have been married for four years and have been praying for a child all this time. They were not able to get pregnant for the longest time, so when they found out the good news they were overjoyed and a bit worried. The looks on their faces when they saw their little girl was so tender.... so loving! She is their little angel! Their answer to prayer!

She got her first bath from her father, Orlando!