Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!

Last week.... sorry so late in blogging.... a classmate caught "surprise twins"!

The story goes that this young lady came in fully and pushing... she made it to the bed and shortly thereafter birthed her first little girl. But something was amiss.... the mother's fundal height was 37 (considered large in this country) but the little girl was small (only 5 lbs). They noticed the fundus was still pretty large and so they checked for heart tones and what do you know another little one was still inside!

No one knew she was carrying twins. She had never had an ultrasound (not routinely done for cost reasons). Her sister was born a few minutes later. Both of them were born head first (PTL!) which is perfect because we have not done the lesson on breech deliveries yet. The second twin was IUGR (or growth restricted) due to a smaller umbilical cord and only weighed a little more than 3 lbs.

The mother didn't do so well in the postpartum period. She went into shock due to the blood loss and was transported to the hospital after vomiting several times. She had to have a blood transfusion and yet she couldn't take her twins with her! They were so small they would run the risk of getting ill. But God is an amazing provider! The classmate who caught the babies is a breastfeeding mother herself and she and her husband loved on these twins for about a week while their mother recuperated. She took them to see their mother everyday and helped them to establish solid breastfeeding patterns! They sure can eat!

But my classmate was definitely tired at the end of it all.... tandem feedings, midnight feedings, three babies at her breast continually (for she still breast feeds her youngest!) and an assignment to complete on top of it all! She just gave the babies back last night! Please pray that they will grow up strong and that their family can afford two of everything when they only planned for one!

The first little girl is named Shweety (but we called her Bean Sprout) weighed 5 lbs at birth
The second tiny girl is named Cutie (but we called her Sweet Pea) weighed 3 lbs at birth