Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Beautiful Toes!

This is little Robert Bruce and his mother. She had been at the clinic for many hours when she was endorsed to me. Around 7 pm that night, she started pushing. She had SROM with the chorion coming out completely intact but stained with very very thick meconium staining. She was extremely tense.

Robert was born in the caul in the OA position but his head rotated a complete 180 degrees to the OP position, restituted a bit to the ROA position. My supervisor did deep suctioning on the perineum and he was born the next minute with a nuchal hand. She started dumping a lot of blood so I did Brandt Andrews and traction to get the placenta out quickly.


When I went to do the baby exam, we discovered that Robert's toes were a little unique. On his right he has an extra toe and on his left foot two toes are stuck together. So total, he still has 10 beautiful toes but each foot is not equal!