Monday, June 2, 2008

Trisha Mae Nova - My 40th Catch

This couple really captured my heart. They were so excited to be having their baby but they are babies themselves. She is only 17 and he just barely turned 18. They are high school sweethearts.

During labor, she tried pushing at 8 cm. I tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't listen. She just kept pushing. All it did was make things worse, her cervix became swollen and a caput started forming on little trisha's head. By the time she was fully dilated she then had an hour of pushing ahead of her. Little Trisha was born with very thick meconium staining and we deep suctioned a lot but she was not responding well. Her APGAR score was 4 and 4. We gave her oxygen, did PPV and rushed her off to the hospital where she stayed for over a week!

They had to do gastric lavage and put her on antibiotics in the NICU. But on the fourth day, she started improving drastically and was even able to breastfeed for the first time!

This is her at four days at the hospital. She still has oxygen on.

This is a picture of her father holding her for the very first time ever.