Saturday, November 22, 2008

Karaoke! Dokey!

These people are remarkably musical! They LOVE karaoke… No joke! You can hear Karaoke at all hours of the day. Practically every mom and pops store or coffee shop has one! Some people can really sing here! Some should definitely not! It’s wonderful living in a place where music is so enjoyed! I find it amazing at the number of people who play musical instruments! I can take a random poll and ¾ of the group can pick up a guitar and lead worship! WoW!

I’m humbled by their abilities too… it’s not like me pinging away at a string… we are talking talent! It’s not only songs they love… they love to dance too! Everywhere I turn there seems to be a group of youngsters doing ‘hip-hop’ dance to some song or another! It’s all very detailed and coordinated! I went to a church and the youth got up and danced ‘hip-hop’ to worship songs!

I went to a department store and a troop was dancing their hearts out for a promo on cutlery. You just don’t see people dancing like that back home! :- )