Sunday, May 3, 2009

New life! New Adventure!

After 109 births, I got the chance to do something brand new! I got to sign my very first birth certificates! To me, that is just flat out exciting! It makes me feel like a midwife. All the previous ones were signed by my supervising Filipino midwives. But here in Tabuk, they don't care that I'm not Filipino.
These are pictures of my third catch up here at Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center. She was expecting her 5th child and was hoping for a little girl. All the rest have been boys up 'til now. But alas, there was no doubt when he was born that he was ALL BOY! We laughed and told her that now, they can start their own basketball team. Basketball is huge here! :-) Look how cute he is! - little Ericson!