Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smoothie? Fruit? Oreos?

I'm willing to bet that Mindanao is the fruit capital of the Philippines. I've not read this. This is not official information. It is just my two cents. But believe me when I say the fruit is AMAZING and FRESH! Having said that, there are fruit stands everywhere. Over these last few years I've learned about all fruits exotic and strange. I've tasted the gut wrenching stench and yet delicious flavor of Durian- it smells like gym shoes but tastes like garlic and honey... and? ... and? ... I'm without words.

It's a must taste to believe kind of fruit. I've delighted myself on Rambutan, Santos, Lansones, and a whole mess of other fruits that I never learned the name. The ones I like the most are the Mangosteens! Right now, its Pomelo season. If you are unfamiliar with Pomelos, imagine a grapefruit on steroids and much much sweeter and we're in business! Okay... I got off on a tangent. Smoothies. Smoothies here are fantastic. I'll miss the fruit and I'll miss the smoothies. But I won't be missing all the flavors. Yesterday, I walked up to a smoothie stand and saw that one of their featured smoothies blends; cantaloupe, green mango and oreo cookies! I must confess I wasn't even a little bit curious as to what it tasted like! Can you imagine! I'm going to miss Filipino smoothies!