Monday, April 18, 2011

A glimpse of Heaven~

One of the last outings together in France, my French Parents and I strapped on hiking boots and packed a sac lunch for a walk in the woods. They live in the Pre-Alps region of south-western France and have the luck of being a ten-minutes-drive from some of the most jaw-dropping, rustic views.

We decided to go on a 10 kilometer hike around one of the mountain peaks, right outside the village of Beauregard (which in French means ‘beautiful view’). It’s a fairly simple trek once you make it up the 400 meter incline!

I had to stop more than once to catch my breath... but once on top, it took my breath away!

This time of year in France is magic.

Spring, in all her glory, bursts on the scene with lime-greened nuanced buds intermingled with emerald boughs and leafy jades. The freshness of her youth, accentuated by the pinks and yellows of bloom, takes you by storm and forces you to gawk in scintillated delight.

The well worn path we trekked took us through peaks and valleys.

The peaks, with rugged, scraggy edges, pushed their stoney teeth skyward in worship. The grass, laced in dandelions and wild violets, bounced back undaunted by our steps. The gentle afternoon light of Spring, back lit the scene, casting purple shadows and white highlights on all it touched -- even us. 

Alone in this valley of dandelioned-dotted paradise we marched on and on -- giggling, snapping pictures left and right, and marveling at God’s astounding artistry!

It was so much more than a breath of fresh air... it was a glimpse of heaven.

Thank God for afternoon walks in the French countryside!

One of my favorite pictures I took that day is this one... my French Mom and I giggled like school girls while catching our silhouettes on film.    -- a very sweet memory.