Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Car Accident.

Kuac is in bad shape.

About an hour ago, his ten year old body was struck by a speeding truck, then dragged 40 feet before stopping.

His chin and lower teeth are all but missing; his chest is rubbed three layers raw; and yet he's conscious.

There is a hole from his left molars through his cheek, ending at a stub that used to be an ear.

And both ankles are broken.

Although he's only ten... and in a lot of pain... he still took the time to thank us for saving his life. I mean, come on!

This kid is strong. Remarkably strong.

His family is gathering money for an immediate transport; the police are filling out accidents report forms; and the looky-loos have all come to gawk.

Now that his ankles are braced and his wounds are cleaned, we watch his tiny chest bounce up and down as he breathes, waiting for his transport to Wau.

Like I said... he's in bad shape.

But by God's grace he'll live. Please pray that he does. Thanks.