Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Place of Rest.

Right now I’m in Rumbek, a city a few hours drive from Tonj. I decided to take my R&R here instead of going to Kenya because it comes out much cheaper for me. Plus, the low-key atmosphere is healing.

Each morning I wake to birds chirping and the gentle swish of the grounds keeper sweeping outside my cabin door. Some mornings I lay in bed longer than usual just to listen... and soak up the peace it brings.

The new baby Bush Buck.
The hotel I stay at is full of bird-crowded trees, including a mess of vultures and a spattering of woolly-necked storks. Red-Breasted bee-catchers hop from branch to branch, while Abyssinian Rollers saunter aimlessly among the blighted grasses.

It’s delightful!

But birds are not the only wildlife about. There are also countless Duiker (small, horned, skittish deer-like creatures) who scour the grounds for fallen leaves. Plus they just got a baby Bush Buck which I’m told will grow to be larger than the Duiker but shorter than an antelope.
One of the Duiker that lives here.

I love it here.

The staff is friendly. The food is amazing. And well... there’s also a pool. What a blessing! I can’t think of a better place to be as I stop and pray about my future.

I can’t imagine too many of you are planning on coming this direction. But if you do, I recommend staying at Safari Style. It’s the best!