Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleaning Party!

Last Saturday --in an effort to make the clinic a bit more presentable for when the director of the ministry of health comes-- a group of us gathered at the clinic with mop and broom in hand.

We started early by pulling apart each room and cleaning it from top to bottom. So much work was accomplished in such little time that we were able to close up shop by lunch.

But I credit this more to my enthusiastic helpers than any work on my part!

Afterwards as a reward I threw my happy little helpers a party.

Our party consisted of massive amounts of bread pudding, custard, cookies, and pie!

As I brought each new dessert out in thanks, I got enthusiastic applause and freshly cleared plates.

But by the end of the third dessert, their appetites waned. Apparently, teeny-boppers really can saturate on sugar!
    --Who knew?

And naturally when I pulled out my camera, my over-sugared guests immediately morphed into supermodels --posing for shot after endless shot.

This led to massive amounts of laughter which closed down the evening in style. And my giggling guests eventually left with a song on their lips --their happy voices trailing after as they went.
    --What a crazy day!