Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blessings Upon Blessings!

This new month brings new joys... and MANY new blessings. There are so many in fact that I just need to brag on my God a bit. I hope you'll indulge me for a few.

Oh, He blesses me so! 

Blessing Number One:

Yesterday, I got the call. The ministry of health is ready to talk.

Even as I write that... I get chills of anticipation. I cannot wait. Of course, the meeting can go in any direction (good, bad, ugly!), but I see God's hand so mightily it's hard not to get excited.

It feels like Christmas. It really does!

In less than an hour, I'll be meeting with them. God alone knows how things will go but I trust Him. May His will be done.

Blessing Number Two: 

Immediately after hearing the meeting was granted, I learned of another great surprise. This particular surprise has been in the making for months, but until yesterday I had no idea of it.

As God would have it several months ago, a group of Australians decided to send Maforga a shipping container of goodies. Our directors expected clothes and household furniture.... and they are getting that.

But what they did not expect was a hospital in a box!

On this container, God has packaged me over 220 boxes of medical equipment, hospital beds, and misc. hospital goodies! It arrives in less than two weeks.

Can you believe His tremendous love? Can you? 

Did I say that it feels like Christmas?

(Happy sigh.)

He is so good. So very good to me. 

Blessing Number Three: 

Anyway... a few hours later I learned that a group of extraordinary kids (and adults, of course!) raised a LOT of money for a chicken project to help fund the clinic.

I have not spoken much of this project in my previous newsletters, but I've been planning and praying about it for months.

Before I left the States, I mentioned it to the children's ministry director at Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain and he instantly got excited. Within no time, we planned to raise money for it during this summer's VBS.

That was last week. 

I'm told that roughly 300 excited children had a blast covering each other in eggs and feathers as they raised money for this project.

What God did in this short week, humbles me and flattens me in praise. I'm overcome! He is so, so very good.

Praise Him! 

Anyway... I thought you'd want to know.

Oh.. and please pray for the meeting today. May His will be done. Amen.