Tuesday, October 18, 2016



When I look back at all the great gifts the Lord provided this year, the greatest gift by far is that of a fellow long-term laborer --Sheri.

For those who know her, she needs no introduction. You know how blessed I am and you might even be feeling a deep longing to see her again. Believe me, I get that!

To know Sheri is to love her. She is a prayer warrior and a confidant. She’s a faithful servant with a longing to glorify God. In the short time she has been here, she has encouraged me, prayed for me, and stood in the gap when I needed her most.

For those who don’t know her yet, she is a nurse from the States with a heart for the Lord. She specializes in wound care and is excellent at it. It’s beautiful to watch her work.

I love her. When you meet her, so will you.

And if you will... please pray for her.
  • Health: she has been bombarded with health issues since she arrived.
  • Language: she is struggling to learn the language and needs a breakthrough.
  • Supernatural Rest: she is burdened with the need and struggling to not break under the pressure of doing.
  • Transport: she bought a truck that needed some repairs. She needs transport soon.
  • Finances: I’m not sure where she is financially, in all honestly. But as I type this, the Lord is telling me to ask you to pray for her. May the floodgates of heaven open and shower mana from heaven.

And please pray for other long-term (and short-term) missionaries to join us in this work. Right now, I see the need for many workers. Please pray the Lord of the harvest to send more workers!

We need:
  • a general administrator or hospital administrator
  • nurses, nurse/midwives, midwives, doctors,  ultrasound technicians, pharmacists, etc.
  • builders, superintendents/foremen, construction managers, engineers, etc.
  • mechanics, handymen and women, general servant-hearted people, etc.
  • preachers, teachers, church planters, evangelists, etc.

Is it you? If so... please tell you pastors and then contact me. If not you... please pray for God to send more laborers into the harvest. Thanks.