Monday, October 31, 2016

Ultra Blessings!

The first year I arrived in Mozambique, I met a missions-minded South African man named Danie. He was visiting Maforga after many years, and worked for a company called Siemens.

For those that don’t know, Siemens makes specialized machines. And Danie happened to work for the medical equipment department of Siemens.

During a conversation one day, I mentioned my desire to get an ultrasound machine for the prenatal program. Danie told me that they had machines turned in form time to time that might be donated. He said he’d look into it for us, and we agreed to stay in contact.

A year or more went by and no eligible machines came through. But I didn’t worry since the clinic was having troubles opening.

But then early this year, I got an email from Danie. He told me that he had not one, but two machines for us.

It was great news and a happy answer to prayer, as the clinic was due to open in a matter of days.

Fast forward a few months (mid-April). The clinic was in full swing and the machines were ready to ship. Siemens (bless them!) decided to fly me to South Africa for a two day training on the machines. Plus, during that trip I would meet with the higher-ups who made such an excellent gift possible.

While we talked, I got to tell Siemens’ directors of the work we were doing at Maforga. One of the directors seemed keen to know more and more. However, busy as he was, we had to cut our time short.

Fast forward a bit more. Siemens requested that both machines were too much for our small clinic. They wanted us to find a place to donate the second machine.

When I prayed, God reminded me of the university in Beira I volunteered at the previous year. I contact a doctor I had worked with there and he instantly agreed another ultrasound machine would be a huge blessing to their department.

Things kept moving forward in a beautiful way.

When word got out that Siemens was donation the machines, a partner of theirs in Maputo offered to facilitate the importation and pay for all the custom fees!

We were over the top thrilled!

Then even DHL got on board by agreeing to cover all the shipping costs!

I’m thrilled and in awe at how God is making these machines available to us. He’s amazing!

Although it took almost six months, the machines arrived a few weeks ago.

Before we plugged them in though, we got two new exciting pieces of news. First, those who arranged it all wanted to come see us in person. They are arranging a visit in a few weeks time. We are planning a ribbon cutting and promotional photo shoot while they are here.

Moreover, those that helped with importing the machines will join us, as will the man who prayed and patiently worked to make this a reality, Danie.

God is so good!

I’m excited for the countdown to the ribbon cutting.

Please pray over all the details that have to converge for the re-opening to occur and for the donors to come mid-November. 

Also during that same week, the doctor from the university in Beira will be coming out to do intense training on the machines. We’ll be inviting women from the community to come in for free ultrasounds.

I can’t wait!