Monday, November 14, 2016

Asher's Birth

A few weeks back I had the joy of helping some friends welcome their third child (and first boy!) into the world. Since the clinic was not open yet (more paperwork delays) and they were open to the possibility, we decided to have a homebirth!

The best part about it was how active and helpful the father-to-be was through it all. He helped labor watch, massaged her back, brought her water, encouraged her throughout.

It was a challenging birth and from the beginning showed possible indications for transport. However, this couple was prayerful and expectant. Together we were able to watch God move on our behalf!

The joy in the room when Asher made his first cry was tremendous! The praises and prayers that filled the room still fill my heart.

Praise God with me for such a lovely memory and wonderful promise of good things to come!