Monday, November 14, 2016

Short-Term Missions 2016

Amy Brewer from Texas
This year God has blessed us with some amazing short-term visitors. As I look back, I see such extraordinary people that God called to work alongside us.

In February, a loving nurse named Amy joined us. She is American and came for three months. She served faithfully in the clinic, helping with the day to day running of the clinic. Her help and impact on the patients cannot be understated. She was a blessing and I’m thankful she was able to come.

Gerrit and Herma from the Netherlands
In April, a couple named Gerrit and Herma came out do a vision tour of the work at the clinic and at Maforga as a whole. They run a wonderful ministry called Follow Ministries which serves to equip and encourage medical charity ministries such as ours. We had an amazing time getting to know each other and planned how and when they would return with a larger missions team later in the year.

Marilize Jordaan from S. Africa
In July, a sweet friend named Marilize joined us for several weeks. She was hoping to help with the clinic but by that time we had already temporarily closed. So instead we spent our time preparing the clinic for re-opening, chasing down paperwork, cleaning, organizing, and learning the guitar. She was a joy to have and came at such an important time for us, encouraging us in the work. I cannot wait to have her back!

In August, my nephew from the States came for several weeks. His name is Luis and is studying to be a physical therapist. Originally he hoped to help out with the clinic but again things were stalled in the re-opening of the clinic. So instead he became my personal assistant making even the smallest of tasks easier. I loved having him here and hope he can return.

Luis Hafen-Lopez from Texas
In September, a construction crew of two joined us for several weeks. Rudy and Dave are from Calvary Chapel Johannesburg. They brought us so many blessings, but the biggest blessings were the repairs they did on the clinic. They helped solve our leaky roof issues and exercised the electrical demons in the clinic. The most amazing of course what the fact they were able to give us running water at the clinic for the first time in a year and a half. What a blessing they were!
Dave and Rudy from South Africa

In October, a Dutch construction team came through and did a whirlwind of building and fixing, teaching and loving! These eleven men and women had such a beautiful impact on us. It was so hard putting them back on the plane. I seriously wanted them all to stay. I look forward to when they can return!

Look for a blog post about them in the near future.