Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby # 9 Cendrella!!!

This lovely mother came in fairly active one morning at 6 cm. Her baby's head was in a posterior face presentation. That means the baby face was where the back of her head should have been. It was strange doing the IE as instead of a smooth hairy ball shape, I felt ridges! It couldn't quite place what I was feeling so I had my supervisor check her too. And sure enough, it was her baby's nose I was feeling!

She had some time before things got going fast so we had her do pelvic rocking to try and turn the baby into a better position and to get the baby's head to flex down. She was faithful to do the exercises, she moved a lot and was cheerful about it even though she was already quite tired.

About 2 1/5 hours later she felt the need to push so we had her push for a while. She did an amazing job at going slowly and breathing well. Her baby's head stayed close to crowing for almost 20 minutes as her perineum slowly stretched. When her girl was born, she only had a small tear that didn't need to be sutured. Later because she was still losing blood, I got to insert my first IV which went in with no problem the first time. Later we found a laceration internally that needed to be sutured.

Everything went remarkably well! She gave birth to a 7 lb 12 oz little girl and named her Cendrella! I told them that they had their very own fairy tale on their hands. And if they were going to name her Cendrella then, she would not be allowed to scrub floors, only marry Prince Charming!

Some interesting things about this mother. She had come in the day before to my prenatal clinic where I did the health teaching. This was not her normal prenatal day but she had missed her appointment and came the following day instead. After seeing me, she said she prayed that I would be her midwife and was so excited when she came in and there I was! Believe it or not, I was her answered prayer. :- ) She was a blessing to me as well! I look forward to getting to know her better.