Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baby # 11 "John Rey"

Jashiel, John Rey's mother came into the clinic very active. As I was doing her initial vitals she had moderate to strong contractions. Immediately afterwards, she had bloody show and looked ready to push. I asked her not to push immediately but to breath through her contractions if she could. I waited a minute looking for progress then did an internal exam. She was 9 + cm and was very "stretchy". While I was in there, I felt the baby's head move from +1 to +3 Station in one push!!! She had her baby minutes later!
She commented afterward that this was her longest labor at MMC! But she had only been at the clinic 45 minutes in all! :- ) I think she was trying to chide me for not letting her push earlier :-) But still... what a quick birth! :-) Pas-pas kaayo! (vasayan for "very fast!")