Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Loyd and Janice~ baby # 15

This birth was my third baby in three days... yup... that was a pretty busy week! No wonder January sort of flew by! :-)

But to get to their story...

Janice came in very active just after lunch. I did and IE to see how far along she was and she was fully dilated with a +3 station. What that means for you that don't speak the rare language of obstetrics is, she was ready to have her baby!!! :-) Great! So I told her that she could start pushing with her contractions. She looked at me, smiled and then gazed off all dreamy eyed. She would attempt to push when I asked her to, but they were not effective. She wasn't really making an effort. I was going to wait it out but my supervisor wanted her to push so that's what we did. She seemed very disinterested in the whole process, almost as if she were watching a vacuum salesman promote the latest SLR5000 model. It was very surreal. This was her second baby so i expected her to know how to push. But it took an hour of pushing (small and ineffectual) to get the baby's head out. But then she stopped pushing completely. She looked as if she was done... like she had done all the pushing she was going to do but her baby's body was still inside. I asked her to push again but she refused. I had to reach in then lift and pull her baby out! It was all very strange. Afterwards, she was very serene and calm.... happy and somewhat detached. Both are doing great and I'm happy to say, both seem very attached to one another now! :-)