Monday, June 23, 2008

Cockroaches and Root Canals!

This morning two things happened that were out of the norm! First I got up at 2:30 am and actually stayed up!!! (But I'll get to that later ;-) and second, I killed the largest cockroach I've ever seen in my life!

It was so big that when i killed it (toilet paper in hand!) I heard it crunch several times before I was convinced it was dead! I had to keep checking!!!

Now, I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to cockroach killing. I have crunched more than my fair share! But today was different.... today was scary! I'm still shaking from the experience!

I googled this nasty little creature to see what kind of roach they grow here in the Philippines and all I've learned is that they bite! One site recommends biting back and even give a few recipes! Yum! I can see why someone might want to eat these snap-crackling crunchies- They are big enough to feed a family of eight!

How "big" is big, you ask? Well, put it this way.... If this guy had gone up against the big 'ol nasty ally cat that lives on my street, I'd have my money on the roach!

Why was I up at 2:30 am? Well... believe it or not, I was asleep by 8pm last night. Yep, hard to believe but it is actually true. I've been moping and dealing with some major molar pain. I'm in the process of a root canal and the pain wakes me up at night and harasses me all day. I'm popping pain killers like skittles and feeling as whiny as a teething toddler!

Please pray for me.... I realize now that I am a lousy patient.

For laughs, check out this u-tube site....