Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Badjao Medical Clinic ~

Today I got to join some missionary friends who were doing a medical outreach in the Badjao village called Isla Verde. They had a team of 20 people who have come from Seattle to assist in minor surgeries and do street evangelism.
I didn't bring my camera so I'm including some pictures I took of this village from a few weeks back.

I got to see a woman have knee surgery on the church pulpit platform, watch how a doctor debraided and dressed a young boy's neck which was swollen to the size of his head from a lymph node infection and see how they organize health workers, translators and patients.

I'm hoping to join them on an outreach in July to a Muslim village a few hours from here.

I also got to see one of my continuities who is about 5 months pregnant. She is due in October. She works in a medical clinic in a Badjao Muslim village and helps with all the medical outreaches. Her name is Nanang.

These are my missionary friends, Sherry and her husband Patrick.