Friday, June 17, 2011

Supervising Delight.

This week has been quiet in terms of births. I am guessing the crazy lightening storms have had something to do with this. Who would risk rain, mud and lightening bolts just to deliver at the clinic?

However, one young girl came in labor yesterday morning. She was active but handling the contractions so well, I almost didn’t believe her when she said it was labor. Sarah took over her labor watch, and a few hours later she delivered.

What stands out to me most in her birth was her giddy delight once her baby was born. Seeing her lying on the floor crying, she asked to hold her child in her arms. Then she kissed her baby repeatedly and cooed.

She was thrilled. We all were.

Every time I mentioned how beautiful her baby was, she glowed. And as the family gathered around to bless her and welcome the newest member, the room filled with joy.

It was such a lovely birth. And Sarah did a fantastic job!

Way to go Mama! Way to go Midwife!