Friday, June 3, 2011

Update: Helpless

(If you haven't read the previous story yet, read it here first.)

After insisting Biyana go to Wau, her family took her home. At the time, I worried they might let her die, but the following morning, I learned she caught the first bus to Wau!    
    --Hope.  Blessed hope!

Later on, I heard through the grapevine that she had made it through surgery, but the baby had died. This didn’t come as a surprise as his precious hand looked swollen when she had left.

However, this afternoon, the story changed again. I got news that the baby lived!

Yep, you read that right! Biyana is alive (Woohoo!), and her son is in her arms! (Hallelujah!) Please pray for them both to recover quickly. And pray that her fistula is somehow fixed! Thanks.

However, I’m not sure what has happened to Abuol. Her husband kept trying to find a private vehicle to take her to Wau, but failed. By mid-morning, I got tired of his dilly-dallying and told him to get her on a bus -- and fast!

Then I explained she was developing a fever and her baby was showing signs of dying. Only then did he seem to take me seriously. I think he hadn’t fully grasped the urgency before then. 

(Midwife note: The baby’s heart rate had no baseline. It was 112, 152, 124, 140, 112, 156, etc. I’m thinking a possible sinusoidal pattern.)

But when he did, he moved. He took the medicines and walked her gingerly out of the clinic to the bus station. But she didn’t get far, before she fell to the ground.

Too weak to walk, we drove her to the bus in our vehicle. But I warned Aboul not to show that she was sick, or else the bus drivers might charge her too much for her seat. Then I turned to Lucus (her husband), cautioning him to get her the surgery at all costs. He nodded blankly, promising to send word as soon as he could.

I cannot stop thinking of her. I don’t know how she is or what has happened. I promise to give an update if I do. Please pray for them both. Thanks.