Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Accent?

My time in France was short but wonderful. But then again, it’s always wonderful to be in a country that values cheese so much.

Tome de chèvre! Gruyère! Roquefort!
        -- Delicious.

But more than anything it’s a country and a people that are dear to my heart. I love their wild hair and ‘go-get-stuffed’ attitude. I admire their passion for food, friends, and foreign policy --typically in that order. I chuckle as I hear them ‘râlent’ (pronounced rah-LE) at the smallest inconvenience; it’s the soundtrack of France.

France understands me... never mind the accent!

And despite my foreign passport a few years back, dear friends made me a little bit more French by naming me “maraine” (aka: godmother) of their brown-eyed babe.

My dear friends, Luc & Estelle with my godson, Manoh!
He’s also dear to my heart and I had to go see him... and them, of course! This took me on a quick stop to the French Riviera.

Le Côte D’Azur (as the French call it) is miles of stoney beaches lined in pink plastered hotels selling beach chairs and overpriced lobsters. Year round beautiful people come to walk the promenade and gaze upon other beautiful people.

Basically it’s a mini-California... but with really great cheese!

Honestly Le Côte hasn’t changed much over the years. There is still a delicate taste of salt in the air and unseasonably warm breezes that envelop you in whiffs of bougainvillea and rosemary.

I remember this smell well as I lived on the coast almost 10 years ago while working with a church called Calvary Chapel Nice. Although I stayed just 9 months, they are months of powerful memories and experiences.

Pastors of CCNice, Pierre and Nancy Petrignani
And this weekend I was able to go back and reconnect with many of them. What a blessing to see all that God has been doing in and through them. It was startling to see how much had changed... but also what has not.

What a blessing to have been able to catch up with such great friends... and reminisce!

If you want the translation, look up Revelation 8:4

Next stop... Spain.