Saturday, January 7, 2012

200 Reasons Why.


I'm one of those midwives that keeps statistics. I write birth stories. I keep logs.

I do it so I can remember. I do it so I can learn. But mostly I do it because it's fun.

Today as I was writing down the ridiculously short birth story from this morning, I realized I'd passed a milestone.

Yep, today I caught my 200th Sudanese baby!

It was a brilliant birth. The mother went into labor at 5 am, arrived at the clinic shortly before 7 am, and delivered at precisely 7:02 am. 

I am glad she made it in time!

Side Note:
It's my 200th catch in Sudan, my 315th catch in total, and the 488th birth I've attended. But who's counting? :- )