Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Now with the Christmas birthing rush behind us, we are back to only 2-3 births a week.           --Sigh

I miss having so many babies to catch, but I'm not complaining; I don't have time!


Well, the rest of the staff got back this weekend and we are open again for consultations.

Margaret and I (along with our very tired translators) have done just over 100 prenatals in the last 3 days.

Yesterday was our busiest day. We had 40 prenatals and a labor.

The labor, Elizebeth, spoke excellent English and was older than the average G1 at 25 years old. Her progress was slow, but she was able to cope well with the pain.

When it came time to push, her gap-toothed mother stood by her side and cheered. She delivered a healthy little girl over an intact perineum after only 15 minutes of pushing!

What a superstar!

Also, I heard that in a few weeks another doctor will be joining our staff for awhile. He is a surgeon and will focus on surgical cases. 

Perhaps he'll be able to help us with a cesarean or two while he's here. I pray that he won't HAVE to... but it'll be nice to have his skills if needed. Right?