Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prayer Project: Scoliosis

Sarah came for her first prenatal a few months ago. She stood out from all the other ladies though because she brought her own chair.

Born with congenital malformations and scoliosis, making walking impossible, she stands at roughly 4 feet tall and gets around in a wheel chair.

Early on we discussed the need for an elective cesarean, and she completely understood. Her family had already started saving money for her to deliver in Wau.

I was glad for this insight, but even more so when I heard a surgeon was coming on staff. I discussed her case with Dr. Mike shortly after he arrived, and he reviewed her in person this week. He says she would be an excellent candidate for surgery here.

It's hard to tell with her shorter-than-usual abdomen, but I'd venture to say she's 7 months pregnant (or roughly 30 weeks gestation). I know that means her due date is two months out, but I feel the need to cover her in prayer now.

Will you join me?

Please pray for her to carry her baby to term, and deliver without any complications --whether that's here or in Wau. Also pray that she would not be fearful. Every time I see her she seems more withdrawn and afraid. Thanks.