Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update: Transport

We saw Awut about a month and a half ago. You might remember that she was expecting her 10th baby and her labor was not going well. She had CPD and we ended up transporting her for a cesarean. (Her story here.)

Well, I’m happy to report she and her little girl are both doing famously. Her scar is healing nicely and she is determined NOT to have any more children!

I laughed with her about her decision while bouncing her bright-eyed babe in my arms.

It’s not every day we hear back from our transport patients. Too often we cannot follow up on what kind of care they received, or even if they lived. But when I do, I’m always overcome with gratitude at God’s abundant mercies to us.

They named their girl “surgery”. Yep, only in Sudan! Thank you for praying for them and for all of us here in Tonj. Your prayers make a huge difference. Thanks.