Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kapulana Store!


The other day we went shopping for curtains. This brought us to the kapulana store.

Kapulanas are the colorful wraps worn by Mozambicans. They are called by other names in other countries, of course, but the idea is the same. And each country has its own colors, designs, and quality of material.

Some are worn tied up over one shoulder --like in South Sudan. Some are sown in a circle and climbed into before you wrap them around you --like in the Philippines. But here, they are flat, square cloths worn over pants or leggings.

And they are very useful at that!

I couldn't help it and bought a green and brown pattern for a skirt. It was just too lovely.

... but I was not able to find anything I liked well enough for curtains. Maybe I'm just not African enough yet! Ha!