Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wintering in

Winter is starting here and I’m kicking myself for not bringing warmer clothes. I foolishly thought I’d be fine with just a few light jackets.
    --What was I thinking?

It’s been rainy and cold --gusty and damp-- but at least the trees are still green, right? Soon winter will wither the grasses and strip the trees and this magical land of cool lushness will fade into browns, charcoal grays, and black.
   --Sigh. I’m not looking forward to that.

Interior view of my cottage
The small cottage I call home lets in the draft but up until last week my heater was working just fine. However, it is now wonky... so I’m back to lots of layers and warm slippers for my feet.

It is hard to imagine how those without windows keep out the cold.

Anyway... this past month I’ve spent quite a lot of time organizing my house and furnishing it --tables, curtains, kitchen pots, towels.

View from my back door. Beautiful!
It’s surprising all it takes to make a four walls a "home".
   --But I’m happy to. So happy!

This is the first time in 7 years I’ve had the privilege of hanging pictures and arranging flowers. I dreamed of this day for so long!

   --What a blessing!

My cottage is a one bedroom en suite with a living room and kitchen. It’s cramped for entertaining... but certainly ideal for just me! I love it!

There are a number of things I still have to work out of course --hot water heater, electrical shorts in the wiring, more furniture, flooring, kitchen sink, etc.

Nevertheless, I feel blessed to call it home.