Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Name that fruit?


The other day I bought a mystery fruit in the market. Roughly the size of a potato with smooth, waxy skin covered in spikes, this fruit immediately caught my eye.

I like trying new fruit. Heck... let’s face it. I like trying new things. Period.

So... naturally, I picked up a couple to taste.

Cutting them open reminded me of a squash with only seeds. But instead of pulpy flesh, I was welcomed with a refreshing, grassy, slime that tasted a lot like jello.

Green jello to be precise. Except this green jello had a bit more texture.

I have to say, I’d happily buy it again. But next time, I’d put it in the fridge before I serve it.

Warm, crunchy, green jello just doesn’t sit quite right.

If jello needs to be crunchy... it best be cold.
       --Just sayin’.

Question: Anyone have any idea what this fruit is named? I seriously don’t know where to start looking? My dictionary is woefully lacking in the spiky, fruit department.