Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2nd Degree Missionary...

During lunch I found a bug baked into my bread. I quietly dug it out and threw it away.... then finished eating my sandwich. Big deal. A bug. It wasn’t alive or anything. It wasn’t hissing at me or trying to bore into my skin. I thought nothing of it.

But later, I told my roomie, Rachael, about it and she laughed. She said I was now officially a second degree missionary! Never having heard this term before, I asked her to explain.

She said that during her first missions trip to Africa, the director told her there are three kinds of missionaries.

~ A 1st degree missionary: Sees a bug in her food, gets grossed out, refuses to eat it... or at least the food it was touching.

~ A 2nd degree missionary: Sees a bug in her food, picks it out and eats on! You must eat to survive.

~ A 3rd degree missionary: Sees a bug in her food, decides it must be food. Eats it and smiles.

What kind of missionary are you?

Frankly, between us.... I’m not sure I want to be a third degree missionary... unless we are talking about deep fried crickets.... or chocolate covered ants.... or pan fried termites....  Yum!