Friday, December 31, 2010

... more than this!

The end of the year is here... at least the calender is telling us so. Who decided the year would end on December 31st? Whose idea was time anyway? It’s such a strange concept. Think about it. What would life look like if we had no calenders, watches or alarm clocks?

It makes me wonder. Did God create time, or just the objects by which we calculate it? (aka: sun, moon, stars...etc.) Is it an eternal or human concept?

The Bible tells us that we were created for eternity not time. Eternity exists outside the limitations of time and space. It is a whole new foundation which makes the time-space continuum look flimsy and frail.

God placed eternity in our hearts (Ecc 3:11). Meaning, we were created for more than this. That is clear to me. And each year it becomes even clearer. This world constantly tells us that ‘this is all there is’ and we ‘better grab it while we can’.  Yet, this myopic attitude screams of hopelessness and greed.

The world teaches that death is the final curtain and that we race toward it at neck-break speed. With time comes a start and a finish line. It brings in the concept of age, and with age the awareness of death. Death is the ‘great unknown’ and thus... the fixation on time.

What would life look like if the factor of time were removed? Would society as we know it be transformed? Does time tie us together or just give us the impression of cohesiveness? Is it reality or just the nail on which this flimsy world hangs?

Once I stepped into a new life with Christ, time lost its weight and wonder. Eternity seems more real to me than numbers on a calender. Eternity is now. It is in my heart. It is the framework on which my life rests.

One day in time as we count it now, my body will cease to work like it should. I will have run out of time but I won’t be dead. I will have stepped out of time's limitations... no longer being bound by it. That is all.

What then?

Freedom. What sweetness that day will be! Until then, I hold time open-handedly, looking forward to the moment when it becomes obsolete. Eternity is now. Remember that. Walk in light of this reality and live like there's is a tomorrow!  

Happy New Year!