Saturday, December 18, 2010

Woman's Retreat!

IDAT's 1st Annual woman's retreat was last week. We went to Nakuru and stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast. A lovely woman of God, Dina, came all the way from California to bless us with a study on relationship building. It was much needed and wonderful in so many ways.
The retreat was on a dairy farm which also holds a knitting project to help families effected by HIV. They had horses, dogs and cows (of course! ha!) and most of all.... they had beautiful gardens where we could wander at leisure.

One day we took off for Nakuru National Wildlife Preserve where we were able to enjoy gazels, water buffalo, warthogs, zebras and white rhinos. We drove close to the giraffes and even tracked down a lion but we couldn't get a good look at him. He hid lazily on top of a rock shaded by trees. All I really saw was an ear twitch.

All in all, it was unforgettable.