Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Updates on a few stories.

For those of you who've been following along in these adventures for some time, I have a number of updates to share with you.

Yar: The young girl with the bone sticking out of her arm, in need of surgery (read her story here), has had a 'break through' of sorts. We have been dressing her arm for weeks, trying to keep infection from setting in while we look into flights and raise funds for her surgery. Last week, a piece of gauze got stuck on the bone. While trying to remove it, the bone came out as well! Now all she has is a wound that is healing nicely. She can move her arm without much pain. There are still limitations, and we still need to get an x-ray, but it's looking up. Woohoo!

Achok: The woman with the outrageously engorged breast (read her story here) came in for another prenatal today. She is open to having surgery on it if we are able to help her. I'm told there is a surgeon coming in a few months for a short-term trip and/or she might be taken to Kenya. All this is a bit speculative but I remain hopeful. Pray for her. Twelve years is a long time to wait for relief.

Veronica: The young girl I prayed for last year after finding out she was pregnant out of wedlock at 15 years old (read her story here), returned for a prenatal today. We were just finishing up, when it occurred to me that she was the brokenhearted little thing, weeping her eyes out just a few months back, but I wasn't sure. So, I asked her and she smiled sheepishly, apparently happy to be remembered. Relieved to see her again, I asked her for an update: Was her brother understanding? Did she have to drop out of school? Was the father of the child honorable? She explained that she was able to stay in school (at least this year), her brother didn't beat her and the father of the child is helping support her. She looks great. Praise God!