Saturday, November 20, 2010

Broken and beautiful.

Last week during one of the basketball outreaches, a young girl came out to play. She is beautiful and has a smile that takes you by storm. My best guess would be she’s about 8 years old. She’s more fair skinned than some of the other girls in town and I was told her mother was of Arabic descent.

When they realized that Sabet (from Sabet’s Clinic -as the IDAT clinic is referred to by the locals) was there, they brought this girl to him. She lifted up her sleeve to show a bone sticking out of her shoulder -- pus filled and exposed.

They explained that two years ago she fell from a tree. The bone broke and came through. They couldn’t afford to fix it, so they did nothing. She lived and it started to heal a bit. And slowly, she regained some use of her arm.

He told her to come to the clinic the next day for a dressing. She came. And every other day, she returns. We cannot reset it without x-rays and are looking into taking her to Kenya to be treated. In the meantime, we see her regularly.

Yesterday, I saw her napkin keeping her place on the bench. It was so dainty and fun, I had to take a picture. She is all girl... needlework and nail polish!